Lipo Cavitation, a Safe and Effective way to Trim Down your Belly

Those seeking a weight loss solution will be interested in lipo cavitation, which is a form of technology that uses an ultrasound device to suction out subcutaneous fat from under your skin. Unlike regular lipo that uses a pen-like medical instrument to suction out the fat, this cavitation way is a less invasive procedure that produces the same results. During the procedure, a small amount of gel is placed on the skin where the fat needs to be removed. The ultrasound device is then applied to the skin during the treatment. It requires no anesthesia and has few known side effects.

The device uses a transducer and is calibrated to only target the desired fat cells in an area. Then its ultrasonic waves are direct to the area and are intended to damage the fat cell membranes. No other damage will happen to any surrounding organs or tissues. During the treatment, the pen’s ultrasonic waves will start to break down fat cells that are being targeted, causing them to release fatty substances and triglycerides that make up flabby tissue.

After the treatment, your body will process the fatty substances and triglycerides via its normal physiological processes about a week after doing the procedure. To see desired results, it’s best if you do a number of weekly sessions. 

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  • Has any one used this device and if so does it really get results?

    Susan Gray

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